Key Color Trends '24

Fashion is one of the most important visual phenomena of our time, and in fashion, Color plays a major role. 

Fashion changes with time and trend watchers keep a close eye on changes in society and their influence on fashion and color. They translate these developments into trend forecasts, which are made about two years before clothes hit the shelves. Color Trends and trend colors are part of those forecasts. 

In addition, leading color experts/institutes such as WGSN, Generally, Pantone and Coloro are also dedicated exclusively to color advice and predictions. For instance, the Pantone Color Institute annually names a color of the year and predicts the popular colors set to be used by designers at leading fashion weeks, including New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week. They also analyse fashion collections shown by designers and determine what the color palette will look like. 

Trend watchers and color institutes have a direct influence on fashion, but on the other hand, Fashion also have a direct infuence on color trends. Generally, trends are dictated by the catwalk, and brands and retailers look to designers for inspiration to translate for their fashion consumers. So, it works both ways. 

Key Color trends of 2024 will introduce us to a varied range of hues from psychedelic to pastels, WGSN in collaboration with Coloro brings us the Window to the Future of Color. 

Reflecting a mood of realignment, where consumers will adjust to rapid shifts in society and technology, uncertainty dominates the ongoing economic, political, and environmental crisis, we’ll be finding ways to balance uneasiness with optimism, and these hues will rule design and interior aesthetic bringing subtle easiness along.

Key Colors for year 2024 and beyond:

Cyber Lime - The striking relationship between nature and technology is symbolized by this intense green.

Radiant Red - The desire to foster a society that is more friendly, considerate and love is embodied in Radiant Red.

Elemental Blue - A need for stability and moderation and coincides with the pursuit of finding the ideal balance between work, the internet, and things. 

Fondant Pink - Heralds the reemergence of delicate, mellow pink hues that mingle beautifully with lilac and lavender tones.

Nutshell - A warm and comforting trans-seasonal brown, is a rich and spicily hue. It determined to rewrite the laws of enterprise and fractional living, as well as the expanding thrift and secondhand culture, are the inspiration for it. 

Sage Leaf -  It is a quiet and settling green that instills a sense of contemplation, rest, and reflection.

Apricot Crush - Calling it a mid-tone orange that is intended for balancing lifestyles and nourishing the body and mind.

Galantic Cobalt - This intense and digital hue will take inspiration from the new Space Age along with the evolution of the metaverse. Very close to electric blue. It will be a versatile color that can be used in multiple ways.

Astro Dust - This deep mineral tone evokes the dusty and desolate landscape of Mars and captures the desire to explore remote terrains and planets. Personifies a shift toward off-kilter colors that feel intriguing and forward-looking.

Digital Lavender - Signifies stability, serenity, and digital escapism, things we are all looking for. Lavender is gender-inclusive, while the soft and subtle tints bring the feminine and self-care version of it, being closer to the hues of Blue makes it edgier simultaneously.

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