Our Studio

HarmonyCreativeStudio is a complete Textile and Fashion design & consulting studio setup by a team of graduates from Reputed Institutes of Textile & Design from Ahmedabad, India.

For designers, retailers and manufacturers worldwide HarmonyCreativeStudio provides that essential first step in the critical path from concept to production. The studio provides design & consulting services to companies in India and abroad who are looking at quality textiles.

At HarmonyCreativeStudio we are obsessed with our seasonal trend-forward, woven &print collections are constantly being updated by our design team.

The Design team in the past have worked with some of the biggest corporate in textile sector. They have been associated very closely with organizations working towards the development of Textiles across the country.

HarmonyCreativeStudio aims to provide well-defined, stylish and contemporary patterns and designs, to those who look for perfection in their apparels. We provide related services like textile and fashion design consultancy that encompasses manufacturing of accessories, fabric designs, yarn designs, color development, styling, presentation, cloth sampling, and production. The constant evolution in fashion and textile industry needs a lot of creativity and planning and so we work forth to inculcate our share of difference in the fashion standards.


HarmonyCreativeStudio is a complete textile design, consultancy and production studio providing the most creative facilities. The services and products offered are detailed below:

  • Development of CADs and samples for woven fabric collections.
  • Season forecasts and presentation packages for Textile industry based on international trend studies.
  • Coordinated print and surface texture collection with samples and color options.

Our textile fabric consultants have the vision for futuristic trends that produce textile design solutions which will be adored by our clients.

Fashion is the key to render one’s prediction of own personality and style and now-a-days it is identified with status. Our fashion designing studio provides the clients with the perfect fit for the lifestyle.